Prospective Graduate Students

Right now I am only taking students very selectively since I already have committed myself to a number of students

I am interested in working with graduate students who plan to write their theses on topics that fall into one of my four main interests, preferably on something at the intersection two.

  • Gender X Class
  • Taste and aesthetics
  • Sociology of the home
  • Sociology of space, place and atmosphere
  • Brand culture

Methodologically, I supervise theses with qualitative/interpretive research focus. It helps if you have some idea about what issues you would like to inquire (ie: you sort of know what you are doing), even though these could be provisional topics.

Concordia usually offers a three year funding package. Qualified students can also be awarded Research Assistantships (salaries determined by the TRAC). Other scholarships and bursaries are available.

If you are interested, or have questions, please send an email to me at zeynep.arsel (at) concordia (dot) ca (or via the contact me page)

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