Philippe Rey Scholarship

In memory of my late partner, Philippe Rey, who died of cancer in November 2018, I have established a scholarship in the Music Department at Concordia University. These scholarships will help students in need.

About Philippe

Philippe lived for music, and was also a respected musician (of Sincabeza, Guimo, Nuer, Enough, and more recently, Parm & Giani) until his late 30s before he chose a more corporate path (aka: selling out). But he always continued to make music in our basement, collected a range of instruments (most of which were also donated to Concordia, or were sold for this scholarship), and supported independent musicians with his label Atelier Ciseaux. He kept a DIY ethos about music, but with razor sharp professionalism and perfectionism. I can’t think of a better way to gift him a legacy than this.










The donation page has a few quirks. I suggest you be careful so that your donation goes to the right account, instead of the larger pool of scholarships (which are also cool, but they are not for Philippe). You need to pick the following options when donating; otherwise the money will be sent to generic scholarships.

Area of support: Fine Arts Development Fund
Tribute type: in memory of/in honor of
Name of honoree: Mr. Phillippe Rey

Canadian donors receive tax benefits from this donation and will receive an official receipt.

To donate please go to this link and follow the instructions above

For those giving in the United States and want an American tax receipt, you can also send a cheque, payable to American Friends of Concordia University (with a note that this is in memory of Philippe Rey):

American Friends of Concordia University
1725 1st Street, NW Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006-2423

Thank you for your support!



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