Taste and Consumption

I have a few collaborations on this topic and recently published a paper on “Taste Regimes.” Please click here for the manuscript. The file is provided for personal use only. Please download a copy from the journal (click here) if you’d like to use it for commercial purposes.

Media mentions:
Concordia professor links taste and identity (McLeans on Campus)

Artistic taste is central to personal identity (British Psychological Society)

Décoration intérieure: le développement des goûts en trois étapes (Psychomédia)

“Les entretiens Concordia – Économie et développement durable: Consommer pour mieux paraître” (Le Devoir)

“Style decisions may begin with imitation   …but they soon become instinctive” (Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Sun,Ottawa Citizen, Calgary Herald, Canada.com and all other Postmedia publications)

Une chercheuse analyse l’influence du web sur les choix déco (Journal Metro)

Gust urządzania wnętrz zmienia się pod wpływem internetu (Polska Agencja Prasowa)

Design Attitudes Formed Online and Via Brands (Research Design Connections)

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